Final report and Government response

On 25 May 2016, the Great Barrier Reef Water Science Taskforce delivered its Final Report (PDF, 3.8M) and recommendations on how the Queensland Government’s ambitious reef water quality targets (reduce nitrogen run-off by up to 80 per cent and sediment run-off by up to 50 per cent) may be achieved and the priority areas for investing an additional $90 million.

The Final Report contains 10 key recommendations to help accelerate progress towards the water quality targets. They include enhanced communication, increased levels of agricultural extension, a greater focus on innovation, expanded monitoring, financial and other incentives, and staged and targeted regulations.

The Queensland Government has formally responded (PDF, 147K) to the Taskforce Final Report and agreed, or agreed in principle, with all 10 recommendations. It has committed almost $22 million in 2016–17 for implementing Taskforce recommendations which builds on the existing $35 million investment in reef water quality programs. That brings the total investment to almost $57 million this year.

View this short animation to learn more about the Taskforce’s final recommendations. A transcript of the video is also available.

Last updated
11 August 2016